I have been drowning

Until I arrived in Venice I didn’t realise by how much. Living on 31% substantially the brain fails with out water. It turns out the drowning is on land in muddied ponds. Drowning with the dense entrenchment that mud brings. Venice with its never ending movement and undulating waters like a dam breaking drove water into every corner of my veins. Even a glass of prosseco worked. But it’s the people the understanding of water the daily business all on water that stimulates my pituitary gland. It speaks resonates that those the understand water understand life. If the shaman is right that ‘you need to let go of the sides of the river’ then you gotta know how to swim. In the UK no one swims they love ok but don’t go near it don’t even try don’t even get it understand it. Drowning in the dryness. Here they not only know how to swim but undulate with the waves tide and moon. I am about to go into the Hirst exhibition. Let’s see if he can swim.

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