Damien Hirst liked your comment

I received this packing up after 24 hours of fueled integrity from the man himself. Made me all warm and safe like my thinking had been good my response even better. It felt like the ether had grabbed me a moment of opportunity to say thankyou of which I have done many times on my little trip to Venice to see his work. Just a little nudge of gratitude feels good. It does something else too it says the ether is alive and kicking and you gotta be careful of what you think because if you think to good a thoughts amazing unbelievable things might happen. Like a union of minds that could purge a weighted soul into lightness of being. Now that is to much to ask .. or is it.. every where you look now you see fabulous now and next quotes that keep affirming you are what you think so I am going to … hold onto this thought. Venice…Damien… I fell in love. There we are I said it 😊.

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