Sitting at breakfast this morning I learned something. The artist J was distraught that the sculptor she had employed was not going as fast has he should. Her disappointment was all over her. I injected into the conversation with my host as the translator that with very high expectation comes the same in disappointment. She looked at me. She laid a quizzical look processed juggled helped by a good discussion around what you hold in your heart and the difficulty of balancing head and heart. She hugged us all giving me a knowing look. I met her on the stairs and we hugged. I worked out about an hour later we had met half way, what she does with it is her choice but it felt good she felt better.

The glass of Aliatico last night has driven an Italian sense into my veins. I feel I am connecting to this place and all who are here. All J needs to do now is meet her sculptor half way.

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