Sitting at breakfast this morning I learned something. The artist J was distraught that the sculptor she had employed was not going as fast has he should. Her disappointment was all over her. I injected into the conversation with my host as the translator that with very high expectation comes the same in disappointment. She looked at me. She laid a quizzical look processed juggled helped by a good discussion around what you hold in your heart and the difficulty of balancing head and heart. She hugged us all giving me a knowing look. I met her on the stairs and we hugged. I worked out about an hour later we had met half way, what she does with it is her choice but it felt good she felt better.

The glass of Aliatico last night has driven an Italian sense into my veins. I feel I am connecting to this place and all who are here. All J needs to do now is meet her sculptor half way.

A discerning life

To share a meal with a man who I have never met before, who provides taste that blew the roof off what eating is makes me wonder. How on Earth am I living in a place that doesn’t give me this amongst many other things. It gives me a lot but to know that each day you can feast and feed your body in such a sophisticated an utterly adorable fashion why why would you not do that. Is it left just to a holiday. I am not sure it is. To enjoy life daily with the little things feeding your body with sensations that change your mindset is a no brainer. Fish and chips just falls away into oblivion. Come on woman think for once. Take your chances.

I met him half way ❤️

Mortified springs to mind

I have discovered on arriving in Pietrasenta that most of Damien Hirsts sculptures for his Unbelievable exhibition in Venice were made here. Mortified springs to mind as I understand in the four years they were made, how ever many there were, he visited twice. It explains the lack of soul that the stone carving held.


I am Diana the Huntress at this moment.


So here’s the thing. I arrange to meet Franco at his foundry in Pietrasanta. I turn up, a tall serous looking man and he sits me down in the boardroom. ‘What do you want’ written all over his face. I realised the assumption I had made as his pen was poised on a blank piece of paper. I was never going to meet him half way, my half was different to his. I explained I was curious about the process. He assumed I wanted him to teach me. I assured this wasn’t my intention. I asked if he would show me round. He said yes but just the once. This was fine by me and he took me into the four stages of making. I was joyous he not so. The finale was the patina tiles on the wall. He explained the need for recipes. I was hopping with excitement and best of all he let me take photos of the four panels of 99 Patinas. I showed him the little wax cast I had brought he reckoned 400 Euro’s to manifest it. I wish now he given me a quote on the business paper. I can return for that or email him. He opened the electric gate and I was back on the street. Maybe in the end we did meet half way as I had held onto my intent and manifested it. I was shown round a foundry in Pietrasanta nothing was different to Castle Foundry. The process was the same, how amazing is that the same process wherever you go and hasn’t changed for thousands of years.

99 tiles of magic.

The man can swim

Yes the man can. The man can more than swim the man can dive. Or wait a second would he get another man to dive for him. Mmm probably but I would in his shoes. So can the man dive. Yes he can because he took my thoughts to great depths. Took them under stones and rock and I was strong enough to lift them. Found little beauties, gems in some cases, vipers, beasts with wings, bears with harpoons. Gold silver and crystals sharpened by the fire of life oozing an aura that lifted me into another realm. That realm I have missed. My pituitary gland creeking with the lack of oil suddenly started to move again, the watery liquid started to seep into my bones the union of water life & visual explosion brought me back to where I needed to be. I am back in the room swimming freely.