Damien Hirst liked your comment

I received this packing up after 24 hours of fueled integrity from the man himself. Made me all warm and safe like my thinking had been good my response even better. It felt like the ether had grabbed me a moment of opportunity to say thankyou of which I have done many times on my little trip to Venice to see his work. Just a little nudge of gratitude feels good. It does something else too it says the ether is alive and kicking and you gotta be careful of what you think because if you think to good a thoughts amazing unbelievable things might happen. Like a union of minds that could purge a weighted soul into lightness of being. Now that is to much to ask .. or is it.. every where you look now you see fabulous now and next quotes that keep affirming you are what you think so I am going to … hold onto this thought. Venice…Damien… I fell in love. There we are I said it 😊.

Unbelievable Hirst

I didn’t even have an inch of the sensation I would feel walking into Hirsts world of ‘unbelievable treasures under the sea’. He knows no bounds and has evolved a situation that is hard to escape. I arrived with Jason Descaires Taylor lodged in the front lobe of my brain wanting to slate Hirst for pinching his cosmic elevation from every day art to something with intense coral integrity but Hirst has taken this to another level. His open cheque book very evident his army of labour firmly beside him the ship the divers, it all doesn’t matter as he has managed to hijack all our symbolic subconscious and anchored them in bronze fibre glass silver gold marble crystals in androgynous beauty. The power is everywhere. Orozco said ‘you must leave a gallery with a different view of the world’ . If you dont walk out of this with one there is something wrong. There is no doubt that the watery location is intentional but so pert. The watery truth of the lie just engulfs you and you are transported to a magical place that Venice initiates. It wouldn’t be the same without the water and the beauty. The ugliness of some of the sculptures animated the beauty of Venetian eye.

Unbelievable Hirst. You rock mate I wish I was your wife.

I have been drowning

Until I arrived in Venice I didn’t realise by how much. Living on 31% substantially the brain fails with out water. It turns out the drowning is on land in muddied ponds. Drowning with the dense entrenchment that mud brings. Venice with its never ending movement and undulating waters like a dam breaking drove water into every corner of my veins. Even a glass of prosseco worked. But it’s the people the understanding of water the daily business all on water that stimulates my pituitary gland. It speaks resonates that those the understand water understand life. If the shaman is right that ‘you need to let go of the sides of the river’ then you gotta know how to swim. In the UK no one swims they love ok but don’t go near it don’t even try don’t even get it understand it. Drowning in the dryness. Here they not only know how to swim but undulate with the waves tide and moon. I am about to go into the Hirst exhibition. Let’s see if he can swim.




‘My work explores the root of identity by investigating the missing pieces found in matriarchal land cultures. Combining this with the interrogation of my own internal landscape, deeply influenced by a western patriarchal white upbringing, the work engages in the discovery of ‘all things connected’ and the idea of ‘balance’.